Dolphin Totem – Spirit Animal

By: Orly Niran Yahalom

Many ancient cultures perceived Dolphin as God’s gift to mankind. As a guiding totem animal, Dolphin brings into our lives the Medicine of Breath and teaches us how to use rhythm and sound in order to generate a new creation. In his book “Animal Language”, Ted Andrews notes that in early Christianity Dolphin was the symbol of salvation.

The Dolphins belong to the Cetacea Order, which includes some of the largest whales, such as the Orca and the Black Whale, and smaller mammals such as the Dolphin, River Dolphin, Phocaena, Killer Whale and others.

Dolphins are considered to be highly intelligent creatures. Some say that Dolphin’s intelligence level is as high as man’s. Although it looks like a fish it is really a hot-blooded mammal that breaths air and its calves suckle mother’s milk. Many times, Dolphin appears as a totem animal in totem maps of people who suffer from Asthma and other breathing problems.

Dolphin focuses our attention on breathing and the connection to inner rhythm. Unlike man who breaths automatically, the Dolphin breathes at will. Control of breathing is central in Dolphin Medicine. Dolphins breathe only when they rise up above the water surface and hold their breath when underwater. They do so by lowering their heart beat rate. Dolphins have the ability to control the passage of oxygen to different parts of their bodies, thus when they dive into the water they can send oxygen to particular critical organs, such as the heart and the brain. Dolphins have lungs and breathe through the oxygen hole located on their heads. When the Dolphin is underwater, this hole hermetically closes by use of strong muscles.

As a soul guide, Dolphin evokes our ancient inner knowledge of peaceful abundant life that is based on periods of time taken for recreation, rest and breathing. Life means breath, yet breathing is much more than survival for us. It comes as a result of an inner rhythm between giving (exhaling) and receiving (inhaling air). It teaches us our personal rhythm of life that suits us best. When we get caught up in the tasks of life and the need to survive, our breath becomes short and shallow. Dolphin teaches the use of breathing for releasing suppressed emotions and mental stress. Dolphin’s smiling face and graceful leaps remind us to integrate into our lives attention, wisdom, harmony and balance between seriousness and fun.


Another Dolphin Medicine is sight through sound, that is, the use of sonar. In addition to regular vision, Dolphins locate objects and food by sending out sound waves. Dolphins produce series of clicks and sounds that hit objects in the water and resonate back in the form of echoes. Dolphins decipher these echoes that indicate the size and location of the objects, thus creating in their minds a map of their environs. Their ability to distinguish between objects and different animals around them is extremely accurate.

Sonar Medicine power comes from the use of voice and sound and is exhibited in the gentleness of Dolphin people. Their communication with their environs is based on sending verbal messages and energetic probing to sense the reaction of the person they are communicating with before fully expressing their position or idea. Dolphin teaches us to express ourselves clearly and fluently. It brings into our lives qualities of light and pleasant social converse, smiles and calmness.

The Greeks perceived the Dolphin as the messenger of God and the guardian of sea men. Dolphin Medicine is knowledge of sea power and the power of using magic linked to the element of Water. This element has always served as a symbol for fertility, femininity, sexuality and the mystery of the creative force. Dolphin teaches us how to be creative through a sacred connection with higher worlds for the purpose of receiving new ideas and their manifestation in the physical realm.

Water also has a purifying quality. Dolphin will teach you how to purify yourself from negative feelings and stress through water and breathing.

Breath, water and sound are intertwined in the essence of life on Mother Earth and the power of creation. In order for us to sing or make a sound we need air. The use of sound and breath as creative powers is considered sacred in many ancient cultures and is used to this day in shamanic healing processes. The correct use of breathing and sound making is essential for attracting things that will help us enhance our lives and realize our dreams. It is communication – a language of sounds and rhythms – that Dolphin teaches us.

In the Shamanic Healing chanting Workshops, we experience the power of creation that is combined with voice and breath.

Dolphins are playful and naturally curious creatures and are attracted to the exploration of the unknown. This quality conjoined with the ability to move into new dimensions opens a gate for channeling and the introduction of unique messages.

The ability to combine the elements of Water and Air enables Dolphin people to achieve their life purpose through extraordinary creativity.

If you are guided by Dolphin, you are invited to ask yourself the following questions: is there a balance between work and pleasure in your life? Are you willing to trust the flow of life, release stress and sit back and relax? Is there a need for change in your life? Do so through breath and sound, and don’t forget to smile.

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