Fox Totem – Spirit Animal

By: Sahyel Niran Yahalom

Some people perceive Fox and its tricks as a symbol of cunningness. Fox people are not necessarily cunning in a negative way, yet they do know how to observe, unnoticed, and are able to perceive much more than they are credited for. When Fox quietly creeps into your life, it signifies the need to connect to silence and like a chameleon to merge with your surroundings. Be present and alert yet invisible, thus expressing Fox medicine. Such presence requires you to be attentive to your intuition, your “gut feelings”. Learn to trust what you feel and know to be true even if it is invisible at the moment. Expect the next event and prepare for it.

Many cultures honored Fox’s power and unique qualities. In Egypt, Fox was perceived as the carrier of the gifts of the gods, In Persia it was the guardian and escort of the dead and in China a sorcerer who mastered the power of shape-shifting. The Apache Tribe believes it is Fox who stole the fire and brought it to man on his flaming tail. Fox people are connected to the powers of sorcery, the force of feminine energies and to the mystery of the night which is the time when Fox is mostly active.

Those who honor Fox medicine in their lives open a sacred gate to the full realization of their instincts and five senses on energetic levels. Fox has sharp vision and the ability to perceive non-physical entities that exist between the realms, thus enabling communication with faeries and pixies. Their most powerful sense is that of smell, hence those who have Fox as their totem animal are extremely sensitive to scents and are able to detect their subtle differences. Another aspect which expresses Fox’s high sensitivity and supernatural senses is linked to its fur coat. Hair serves as an antenna and intensifies supersensory perception. These qualities fully express a life experience which combines the physical dimension and the spiritual dimension upon Mother Earth. Fox is the greatest teacher of camouflage, shape-shifting and survival. Fox is nature’s ally, forest flora, rocks, trees and bushes protect fox and camouflage its steps, enabling it to disappear into the shadows and other dimensions. In his book “Animal Speak”, Ted Andrews attributes Fox medicine to Merlin the Magician who for most of his life remained hidden and unnoticed even though he had great powers. He used to disguise himself as a shepherd, farmer or beggar and to conceal himself when it was right for him to disappear or defend himself.

Foxes are excellent hunters but they also eat fruit. The well known tale of the Fox in the Vineyard by Krylov teaches of Fox’s attraction to sweetness that springs from fulfillment and bearing fruit. Grandmother Tawilla, an Elder of the Seneca Tribe, taught me that the wisdom of Fox people is to express their high sensitivity and capabilities and to realize them as fruits of original creation.


Those who are escorted by the soft footsteps of Fox are found to be dedicated, involved, initiative, genius and foresighted workers. In love and relationships they are supportive and attentive to their partner’s feelings. There are many types of foxes that can be found across most of the world. The common fox we are familiar with is also known as Red Fox, due to the color of its fur coat. This dominant energy of the color red connects us to the Base Chakra, vitality, survival and blood-relations. Perhaps this is the reason why American natives perceive Fox as the healer and protector of the family. The safe-guarding of our dear ones necessitates the ability to conceal. In nature, puppies usually bear more strongly camouflaged colors than their parents. Keeping the safety of the family requires alertness and intuition from the adults.

The adoption of Fox medicine will fill your life with happiness springing from a sense of strong clear intuition and full faith in your ability to achieve anything you wish for and to realize your hidden potential.

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4 Responses to Fox Totem – Spirit Animal

  1. Kristin says:

    Today as I was going for a walk down an ally way in Fort bragg ca. I saw a fox perched on an old tree stump in sl.eones back yard. It was awesome. At the same time he was a bit far from his natural habitat.

    • Yossi Yahalom says:

      Thank you for sharing your story. The Fox usually camouflage itself.
      The Fox you saw was exposed and this is a message for you Kristin to expose yourself in a specific area in your life. Wish you luck.
      If you want more information, you can contact me for consultation.

  2. Karen says:

    Today while riding my horse I saw two red foxes. It was magnificent. I was able to watch them in a field, then in the woods. One’s ability to blend in with the fall leaves was absolutely incredible — I would not have known he was there if I didn’t see him move there. I am curious if it was a male and female? Not sure how to find that out though. It was a magical experience for sure and I feel blessed…my horse too!

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