Armadillo Totem – Spirit Animal

By: Orly Niran Yahalom

The Armadillo is a unique mammal with a scale armor that lives in the Americas. If Armadillo appeared in your Totem Map, it signifies that you are gifted with a soft, charming and kind character that others will always abuse until you learn how to say “no”.

Armadillo’s hard armor forms a clear boundary meant to protect a highly sensitive and extremely emphatic soul. One of the prominent features of Armadillo people is the empathy they express towards the sufferings of others. The typical tendency of Armadillo people to identify with the emotions of others blurs boundaries and this can eventually harm them, falling into traps of emotional manipulation abuse due to lack of appreciation of their gentleness and amazing ability to give.

The skin, which covers our bodies, symbolizes our physical boundaries – for the Armadillo it is its armor.

Armadillo’s main defense is its outer skin, which forms a shield of armor, evoking in us an association of Middle-Ages knights. Armadillo may suggest a link to significant events you have experienced in a previous reincarnation during that period of time.


The armor delineates your borders of security. The ability to set clear boundaries and to define what is right for you and what causes you discomfort expresses Armadillo Medicine at its best. Define your personal space. Learn how to use this shield to defend and protect yourself from harmful words and impure intentions of people who wish to harm you, your loved ones or your self esteem.

To be able not to be affected by others, you must strengthen your connection with your inner power and identity. The more you formalize your world perceptions, guiding principles and the manner in which you wish others to respect you, the less you will encounter situations where other people will try to maneuver you to follow their paths.

The ability to recognize your true self without exterior influences, emotions and perceptions is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra located in the middle of our body. This Chakra enables us to project who we are, our inner light, to the outer world. This light comes from our ability to recognize ourselves, our likes and dislikes and our personal boundaries in which we feel comfortable and protected as a physical being. Armadillo carries the Medicine of protection, excellent ability of distinction and empathy. Armadillo’s distinction ability is based on its highly developed sense of smell, able to detect insects a few centimeters below the ground.

The Armadillo belongs to the Edentata Order and the Dasypodidae Family. It has no canines nor incisors but it does have many molars. Armadillo mainly feeds on insects, ants and other invertebrates. Armadillo’s connection to ants suggests Ant properties of patience and endurance. The Armadillo’s preferable habitat is in the vicinity of streams and rivers and is a good swimmer. Those who have the Armadillo Totem feel a connection with the element of Water and the realm of emotions. They have the ability to study emotional aspects and to realize the patterns that direct or block their life path.

Different types of Armadillos have various survival tactics when facing a threat. The South American Armadillo curls up into an impenetrable ball, whereas the North American Armadillo jumps high into the air when taken by surprise. In his book “Animal Language”, Ted Andrews mentions that the strength of Middle Ages knights was in their attack strategy, suggesting that Armadillo people’s best way to defend their boundaries is by attacking and being assertive.

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