Badger Totem – Spirit Animal

By: Orly Niran Yahalom

The common Badger belongs to the Mustelidae Family. Its fur is gray across the back and black elsewhere, with black and white stripes over the facial area. It has small rounded ears and short stout legs. The Badger is a predator that feeds on underground rodents.

Badger Totem fills our lives with new uncompromising energy of healing and ability to achieve our objectives. Persistence and control are key words for Badger people.

Badger Medicine is assertiveness, persistent efforts towards achieving goals and channeling the energy of anger to advance any issue that is blocked in our lives. If you feel abused, submissive, sick and helpless or are stuck in any field, such as work or a hurting relationship, Badger will pave your way towards healing. Badger Medicine is the antidote for victimization and self-pity. It will connect you to Mother Earth, strengthen you and will not cease until your well-being is restored. Badger digs its path with strong teeth and nails, handling rough roots and obstacles, none of which can hinder it from reaching its target.

The Badger lives in a system of underground burrows. Due to its excellent digging ability, Badger has a connection with pixies and elves and Mother Earth’s healing powers, roots, medicine herbs and their use, and the use of minerals and crystals that come from deep inside the earth. The digging ability suggests the talent of finding what lies hidden beneath the surface. It will teach you how to “dig” deeply into the roots of your soul in order to change and uproot destructive and limiting patterns. Understanding Badger Medicine can help you become excellent healers. People who know how to work with Badger Medicine can navigate their patients towards complete recovery without surrendering or giving up in face of obstacles met on the way. Badger is a courageous and assertive creature that never gives up.


As healers, Badger people have special talents related to herbal healing frequencies and the preparation of herbal medicines, particularly when healing with herbs that are endemic to the place they live in. As healers who reside in Israel, my husband and I prefer to work with essences of flowers that are native to Israel, recognizing their frequencies as most affective for healing the people who live here.

Badger Medicine brings you another gift, which is self-reliance and originality. It teaches you how to create things in your own unique way, rely on your gut feelings and learn from personal experience.

The prominent white strip on Badger’s head signifies a connection to the spiritual world and enlightenment.

Having known Badger people, I can testify that when they are connected to this unique power and to their inner selves, they have a wondrous ability of inventing new techniques and introducing innovations to the field of healing. They also know how to protect copyright of their original ideas and special spiritual perceptions. When Badger Medicine is unbalanced, this tendency of persistence can turn into stubbornness and mental stagnation.

Badger’s connection with earth and roots emphasizes the importance of the First Chakra for Badger people. The connection with the homeland, family roots and tradition are extremely important to them. Folklore stories create grounding and practicality in their life. In the shamanic tradition, Badger is the keeper of legends. Storytelling and legends are one of the aspects of the Base Chakra that enables bringing things out into the light. This is highly significant when we wish to teach and pass on wisdom from one generation to another, and it is particularly valuable in healing processes or truth that is needed when changing a patient’s state of mind.

Badger’s opposing colors of black and white stand out in the field and announce presence. Badger is fearless and has no need to camouflage itself. Badger people do not hesitate to express themselves in a clear, courageous and at times blunt manner. They are not particularly social, do not anticipate social approval and have no problem being self-reliant and handling things on their own.

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