Hare Totem – Spirit Animal

By: Orly Niran Yahalom

During the month of March we celebrate the Spring Equinox. The Shamanic Calendar marks the Spring Equinox as the Festival of the Hare, and the Wicca (the Celtic witchcraft tradition) celebrates Ostara on the 21st of March (the origin of the Christian Easter Holiday). In both Easter and Passover holidays it is common to eat hard-boiled eggs that symbolize, among other things, fertility.

The Equinox is the day when feminine and masculine energies are balanced on Mother Earth. Spring celebrations bring with them the fertility of reproduction, regeneration and the expectation of bloom.

The Hare is undoubtedly one of the most successful examples of reproduction in nature. Its reproduction season begins in January and ends in June, during which the Hare conceives two to four times, from 3 to 6 puppies in each litter. Nevertheless, most of the newborns do not survive their first year. Hare meat is a delicacy for many predators, from foxes and wolves to birds of prey. Hare’s fortunate agility enables it to escape quickly. Its long legs develop a high speed of approximately 70 kilometers per hour, can hop up to 1.5 meters and advance in leaps of approximately 2.5 meters. Hare usually prefers to rely on its legs for escaping a dangerous situation rather than hide in niches and holes underground.

Many fables and tales speak of Hare’s quickness of foot. Hare people must learn to be patient and simultaneously be ready to react in a timely manner and advance in leaps when necessary.

HareOur immediate association related to Hare is of softness, sweetness, agility and, of course, long ears. People who have Hare dominant in their Totem Map or it is their power animal, tend to be soft and sweet in relation to their surroundings. They prefer to avoid conflicts and even when upset by others they will usually respond with diplomacy and kindness. They are good natured and kind and long for a peaceful life.

The Hare is gifted with developed senses that help it survive, relying mostly on highly developed senses of sight and hearing. It has big eyes and can see a radius of 360 degrees. One of the foods related to Hare as well as to the sense of sight is the carrot, known to improve vision.

The orange color of the carrot as well as Hare’s high fertility remind us of the Chakra of Sex and Creativity in our body. Hare people are usually very sexual and women who have Hare as their totem should be careful of unplanned pregnancies.

People who have Hare Medicine are highly influenced by their sense of hearing and the art of listening is the key for their inner balance. Music plays a central role in their lives and if they are not musicians themselves then music is their source of relaxation and personal healing.

The Hare is considered as a coward animal and when it is scared it freezes on the spot. People who have Hare medicine feel “stuck” at certain points in their lives but must remember that Hare advances in leaps, not step-by-step. Regardless of the freezing fear it is always followed by an advancing leap.

Interestingly enough, Hare people whose fears are usually related to daily conduct and personal relationships tend to be courageous when it comes to extreme sports and taking courageous decisions in their personal lives. I remember a man who practiced many kinds of extreme sports who came to me to discover his Totem Map and was sure that his guiding animal was a Jaguar or Puma and was greatly disappointed when he discovered that it was Hare. The Hare symbolizes a mixture of contrasts – softness, homeliness and fear linked with courage and open mindedness.

The Hare is a quiet animal, living alone or in pairs. Its favorite habitats are fields and open grass lands. Hare does not dig burrows and will prefer to hide in niches or under bushes.

Hare people prefer to be on their own and their favorite place of leisure is home. They are sensitive and connected to Art, beauty and aesthetics and spend much energy in taking care of their homes.

In Chinese Medicine, the Hare is one of the 12 Chinese astrological signs and is considered to bring an abundance of luck and to bestow to those under its influence the powerful Medicine of the Moon. This Medicine depicts a connection to the subconscious, developed intuition and an ability to overcome fear by understanding latent motives embedded in past traumas.

Hare’s connection to the Moon and its activity during sunrise and sunset hours link it to hidden dimensions and the realm of faeries and spirits. In Alice In Wonderland it was the rabbit who lead Alice into the tunnel or crack between the worlds and showed her the way to a magical world full of archetypes.

Another central aspect of Hare people who are connected to faeries and spirits is their tendency to camouflage themselves. Hares have excellent camouflage ability. You can spend time in a forest and walk right by them without noticing that they are there. Hare’s camouflage Medicine is expressed in the color of its fur coat, which changes to a brighter color in the Winter. If you are lucky enough to see Hare in nature it is definitely a sign for you.

Hare people’s connection to Nature Spirits and magic evokes their need to spend time in nature for energetic cleansing and recharge. Working with flowers and plants as well as healing with plants is highly suitable for Hare people.

Two years ago, I conducted The Womb Festival Ceremony with a Circle of Women during the Winter Solstice. During the ceremony, one of the participants had a vision of a hare. I explained its symbolism and the next day she called me up excitedly, claiming that when she got home she saw a real hare sitting at her door step. If Hare is your guide and brings sweetness into your life, be attentive to the whispers of your intuitions, surroundings and nature. Add many vegetables to your diet and take care of the energy you love in your personal space.

Be alert to danger and remember that confronting danger or unpleasant people, can be done simply by quickly turning around and vanishing into the horizon.

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8 Responses to Hare Totem – Spirit Animal

  1. Davina Thomson says:

    I have enjoyed reading your hare totem, I am an Astrologer & have been meaning for a while to design business cards web site etc wanting to use a painting of a hare with the moon & stars reflected in his eyes, but at the same time not really understanding why, reading your information above makes sooo much sense & has really resonated to me as a person & what I am trying to achieve, I also have a Hare who accompanies me on many journeys. Having a Sun in Cancer ruled by the moon represented by the Hare, it all makes sense. Thank you

    • Yossi Yahalom says:

      Hi Davina,
      I’m happy to read your comment. where are you from?
      It seems that you have wonderful intuition.
      Wish you a lot of luck with you’r web site.

  2. Jj says:

    Hi Yossi
    A hare ran towards me on a country road I was traveling this week escaping along a steep grassy embankment on the opposite side, working hard to not fall back onto the other side of the road into oncoming traffic. I stopped safely to halt further traffic and watched it through my rear view mirror run away down the road I had come along. It was an electric moment as I held my breath holding a space for its safe return into the countryside. It felt so significant to me that I’ve just searched the Internet and found your site. Thank you for your wonderful description of Hare.
    Happy Oestra!!!!

  3. Sharron says:

    Hi Yossi,
    Last night I was returning home from a friends house and this beautiful browny red hare ran in front of my car.. I breaked and watched it go by.. It was just like slow motion to watch, as it wasn’t moving fast at all.. I saw the lovely big ears and the eyes were glowing almost red like big marbles and then it was gone into the dark… 😊😊 It left me with such a warm feeling inside .. 🤗
    I’ve done nothing but think about it since then and wondered if there was a reason for me to have seen this.. 🤔
    I too have been looking online and found your lovely Hare totem it really is wonderful to read.. 🌺

    • Yossi Yahalom says:

      Thank you Sharron :-).
      In your case, I think that the red hare is more like a warning sign.
      This may be a good time for you to stop running and take a small vacation to heal yourself.
      Best wishes

  4. Rhian says:

    Hi Yossi,
    Thank you for this beautiful description of the hare. I live in full countryside and late this afternoon, while some distance from the large entry gate to the property, I saw a hare who had hopped through it, sitting quietly on my driveway. It sat there for some time while I stopped and watched. Then it turned back and hopped through the gate again, staying motionless on the other side. I looked down for a second to my goats standing beside me, looked up again and the hare had disappeared. I used to have a hare living on my property but much further away. I have never seen one in full daylight, so visible and motionless. I will be emigrating soon and I wondered if these precious moments held a message for me.

    • Yossi Yahalom says:

      Dear Rhian, thank you for sharing.
      It seems to me that the hare hooping from side to side of the gate is a very powerful message for you.
      Life is full of surprises, and in your case changes in your life that will happen if not already.
      Anyway, the hare was there to remind you that you can always hoop over problems when things are getting hard to handle.
      Enjoy your goats and hooping for the best,

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