Skunk Totem – Spirit Animal

By: Orly Niran Yahalom

The Skunk’s reputation is also its medicine, the unique smell.

The Skunk is a medium size mammal mostly known for the stinky sticky fluid it sprays on its enemies when sensing danger.

In Western society, where the perfume industry blooms and flourishes, people find it hard to appreciate Skunk’s unique Medicine. If Skunk is your Totem Animal or if you feel connected to this beautiful creature you undoubtedly have a highly developed sense of smell and the ability to project respect and to remain true to your principles.

Skunk Medicine helps Skunk people to define their unique qualities and abilities, recognize the power of their personal identity and to spray their personal fragrance on their environs, that is, to reflect their unique truth. Note that Skunk Medicine teaches you how to respect who you are and to repel those who are unable to recognize your powers. Skunk people prefer to be alone and to choose their friends wisely, rather than follow an unworthy crowd.

The skunk belongs to the Mephitinae Family with the typical colors of black and white. For me, this beautiful combination symbolizes inner balance between masculine white and feminine black and represents inner wholeness. Nonetheless, there are other types of skunks which are brown or gray and some are even cream colored. All skunks are born with stripes of various designs.

In the Native American’s philosophy of the Seneca Tribe, gray color – which is a combination of black and white – vibrates the frequency of honor and self respect. Honor originates and develops from the definition of clear personal boundaries and sublime ideals. Gray defines our personal sacred space where only some are welcome to enter, by our selection. Skunk people must be aware that their authenticity will attract people of their kind and repel pretenders who wish to exploit their energies without giving anything in return.

Scent also relates to sexuality and sexual attraction. Skunk people are sensitive to fragrances, their use and body language, for the attraction of the other sex. Skunk teaches an important lesson in channeling sexual energies in a manner most right and respectful for you and those around you, projecting self respect and a respect for principles. To build a reputation means recognizing that you are projecting reliability and integrity. Sexuality is a very powerful energy, which can be used to exploit others and to manipulate them according to our will. Every gift of power carries within it a lesson. Spreading sexual energies when you are not looking for a mate or knowing that the other person is involved in a relationship is dangerous and does not project self respect or respect for others. If you are using your sexual medicine to attract others you are signaling that you are available. If you are not available, this is a misuse of energy, which can serve you more efficiently when focused on the right target.

The sense of smell is related to the frequency of survival, defense and a connection to Mother Earth. Skunk does not run away from other animals or predators. It calmly goes on with its business, in its own pace. Skunk people are calm and fearless when they recognize their ability to attract people and situations that will support and enhance them. The white fur stripes that decorate Skunk’s back symbolize the power of the Kundalini, which rises along the spine and magnets without effort. The white color symbolizes magnetism and sharing, which are part of the magical qualities of Skunk, alongside sensuality, a projection of respect and self respect. Black symbolizes the connection to magic. The combination of these qualities evoke in those who face Skunk a feeling of respect linked to witchcraft, magic and mystery.

If Skunk has nobly decided to accompany you as a totem animal, you are facing new possibilities and opportunities that will enable you to express your true worth. This also marks the beginning of an intensified time period of sensuality, both physically and spiritually.

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