Buffalo Totem – Spirit Animal

By Orly Niran Yahalom

The Buffalo, also known as Bison, belong to the Bovini Family. The Buffalo is the largest animal in North America, heavy weight and strong with thick long wooly hair in the scapula area. The African buffalo is different from the American Buffalo, it is smaller and has thin black hair.

The North American Buffalo is on the brink of extinction as a result of over-hunting and unnecessary killing, a method previously used by White Man to harm Native Americans, for whom the Buffalo was a source of life. Today there are many rehabilitation projects aimed to restore the Buffalo population and to bring them back to their natural habitats.

Native Americans – perceive the Buffalo as a sacred animal due to its medicine of abundance. Buffalo herds were a source for survival for the Native Americans. When they heard the herd approach they knew that the Great Spirit has answered their prayers. Buffalo provided an endless source of sustenance and abundance, from meat for food to hide and fur for clothing, horns, tendon for sewing and hooves for glue. The Native Americans were grateful to the Great Spirit for the gift of Buffalo and never killed animals for sports. The recognition that this amazing animal gives itself away so that humans can survive was part of their way of life, being in connection with nature and taking care of Mother Earth’s resources.

Understanding the essence of abundance is linked to giving, sustenance and inner peace. This is the essence of life on Mother Earth. The planet on which we live is a planet of abundance. Mother Earth is always present for us as a source of sustenance and nourishment. If great Buffalo Totem appeared in your life path, it is a sign that you need to deepen your connections with Mother Earth. Buffalo carries the frequency of freedom of the soul, connection to nature and a commitment to life in balance with Mother Earth. It also carries the message of abundance that awaits you and teaches that abundance always comes with ease, creativity and happiness.


If you are experiencing lack of abundance in a certain field in your life, know that the balance has been breached. Maybe you have forgotten to thank the spirits of your guiding animals and Mother Earth for all the abundance that already exists in your life.

Buffalo brings abundance to all. It is a symbol of sustenance that comes from a place of inner strength and the ability to share our medicine and abundance with others.

Those who have been honored to receive Buffalo as their guiding totem are committed to walk the sacred path of their destiny and never forget to praise and thank the wisdom of creation. In the Medicine Wheel of the Indian Seneca Tribe, the Buffalo is located in the North, the place which represents the spiritual teacher, healing and gratitude, the place of the experienced elders.

The elders, who have experienced battles and yearn for peace and fraternity know that wars between nations or tribes originate from inner battles in the hearts of men. Those who experience the path of peace that comes from inner balance between mind and heart, reason and emotion, the soft and delicate feminine and the aggressive masculine will not turn to war knowing that every conflict can be bridged by an understanding. Buffalo is a symbol of abundance rooted in inner balance, a balance of abundance resources, caring for others, peace and serenity.

Many Native American legends deal with Buffalo’s Medicine of abundance. The ones most known speak about White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought the people the gift of the Peace Pipe. The pipe is composed of two parts that support each other: the bowl part which holds the tobacco and represents the feminine quality of the womb, and the stem through which one inhales representing the masculine aspect that enters the feminine essence to seed new life.

Another aspect of peace is our ability to contain and respect all people and their right for a peaceful life. This aspect symbolizes the ability to accept the differing other as well as all of the parts of our personality, to enable their existence and to honor their expression. Giving and caring for others is expressed in reality by giving for the benefit of others, beneficial programs and hospitability.

The Buffalo reminds us to stay stand with our feet firmly on the ground in any new field or project we begin. It also teaches us to always choose the easiest path – when blocked the Buffalo clears the way by using its head, relying on wisdom (inner knowledge) supported by faith.

Faith is an expression of feminine courage that enables progress in life. Faith is based on knowing that when we act on behalf of the whole guided by listening to the Great Spirit, our heart wishes will come true. Buffalo Medicine is attracting abundance through prayer and correct action. The Buffalo Totem connects us to the spiritual aspects of higher being by connecting to nature and prayer. Prayer enables the expression of harmony and balance between heart and mind.

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