Bee Totem – Spirit Animal

By: Orly Niran Yahalom

The Bee Totem carries the gift of fertility, sexuality and the sweetness of life that spring from fulfilled wishes of the heart. In other words, life is honey. Bee reminds us to extract the sweetness of life to the full, to live our lives by manifesting our abilities in an abundance of creative work, to be fertile and to balance work and pleasure. Bee is the symbol of goal achievement. No matter how big your dream is, Bee’s Medicine will help you manifest it.

In ancient cultures, Bee symbolized the qualities of the Base Chakra, due to the rhythm of its legs movement and monotonous buzzing that were linked to Kundalini energy located in the Base Chakra. The rise of this energy along the spinal cord is required for the achievement of enlightenment.


Anyone who practices Yoga is familiar with the Bee Breath. In Bee Breathing we practice inhaling into the pelvis area and exhaling while making a buzzing sound that vibrates along the spinal cord, vibrating and buzzing in our heads, filling us with joy. This vibration which spreads throughout our bodies has a healing quality.

The Honey Bee is undoubtedly one of the most amazing creatures in nature. Bees live in a hive and work together in amazingly organized harmony. The hive consists of a Queen, workers and males.

The Queen is the largest bee in the hive. She is the only bee that lays eggs and does so in an extraordinary rate of approximately 3000 eggs per day. Her life expectancy is approximately two years, during which she is constantly taken care of by the bees that work in the hive. The worker bees maintain the hive by cleaning, taking care of and nourishing the newborns, building new hive cells, defending the hive and gathering nectar and flower pollen. The males do nothing of the above – their only function is to mate with the Queen, following which they are most often expelled from the hive.

In her fascinating book “Wheels of Light”, Rosalyn Bruyere notes that “images of the bee were found in Crete and Egypt. In Crete, the Queen Bee symbolized the Mother Goddess who created and nourished all that is and was the cause of existence.” In addition, in Greece the bee was linked to the Elysian Mystery and extremely high level initiation rites that took place in the Elysian Temple. In Celtic tradition, the bee was also linked to clairvoyance. In Hinduism, Bee Medicine is related to Krishna, the God of Love. In Egypt, the bee symbolized the royal house and royalty. According to Bruyere, the Queen Bee in Egypt was a symbol of the feminine side of the Pharaoh, that is, the Upper Nile in southern Egypt.

The root of the word dvora (bee in Hebrew) is d.v.r It is linked to speech and prophesy or, in essence, channeling. Deborah means the speech of God (like the Prophet Deborah). Bee carries with it Warrior Woman Medicine. This quality was also prominent in Prophet Deborah’s personality, who was independent, assertive and a military leader.

However, communication between bees is not made through sound.

From Wikipedia: “Bees mainly communicate by use of Pheromones. The Queen secretes special Pheromones that notify the workers that food should be gathered. If the Queen dies or is lost, the bees feel the absence of Pheromones and immediately begin to enlarge cells with young larvae and to feed them Royal Jelly so they will become Queens. Other Pheromones are found in bee venom. When a bee stings, the bees sense the scent of this Pheromone, know that there is danger, and come to help defend the hive.

Another method of communication is through a special dance. A bee that finds a source of food reaches the hive and dances a dance which informs the others of its location and quantity. The bee dances on the honeycomb in the shape of number 8, where the angle between the middle line of the dance and the vertical is the angle between the food-hive line and the sun-hive line. The speed of the dance indicates the distance from the hive to the source of food and the length of the dance depicts the richness of the food.”

The appearance of the Bee as a totem animal proves that dance and rhythm are central medicine of the person it guides. Bee’s colors of black and yellow also signify its unique features. In the Indian Seneca Tribe’s Wheel of Colors, Black is linked to listening and rhythm, as well as to the Base Chakra and sexuality. Yellow represents the sun and unconditional love. Bee dance is connected to the sun’s light and position in the sky. The deep connection between Bee Medicine and love is expressed in the making of honey. Furthermore, honeycombs are composed of hexagons and this connection to number 6 links them to Venus, the Goddess of love and femininity.

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