Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is one of the most powerful healing method for past traumas.

As Shamans, Soul Retrieval allows us to understand the deeper source of current days problems and suffer.

When a person goes through a trauma, fragments from his inner power are lost in order to survive it. Instead of the power lost, outside energies are entering and become obstructive.

In the Soul Retrieval healing session, we find the traumas in the past or current life that affects the patient in his life, remove the blocking energies and restore the needed soul fragments.

We invite you to your distance Soul Retrieval session. These sessions can be done through Skype, by phone, or by email. In the price of one you will get two therapists in a Soul Retrieval session.

Price for session is 50$ (US), by PayPal.

You can also contact us in here!