Online Energy Healing

Energy Healing is an ancient technique related to nature through colors, geometry, crystals and more. The ability to heal, give and receive energy healing exists in each and every one of us in a natural way as part of our internal essence.

With this special page in our website, you are invited to receive energetic healing using a universal symbol.

To start the healing session, press the Start button. On pressing the button, a colored symbol will show, a symbol that connects to energy of flow, simplicity and tranquility from the internal clarity. The symbol vibrates in feminine soft frequency that also allows easier moving to imagery dimension.

Pressing the Start Button will initiate the process of receiving energetic healing. The healing energies are always surrounding us, pressing the button represents your wish for receiving it.
In order to try and feel the healing, you are invited to close your eyes, imagine the simbol and connect with the received healing energies.

As the healing proccess ends, press the End button, it will stop the healing and the symbol will disappear. It is recommended to pay attantion to your senses while the healing and even few days later.

Select a subject, a feeling or an emotional state that you wish to heal and then press start.

Please note that the energetic healing received through this website may ease and assist you, but it is not aimed to replace full healing session or medical treatment needed.

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