Orli & Yossi

Orly Niran Yahalom

Started learning the Seneca Native American philosophy at 1994.
In 1995 went to Cattaraugus Reservation of the Seneca tribe, in New York, to meet her teacher Twylah Hurd Nitch. Twylah Hurd Nitch was the founder of WOLF CLAN TEACHING LODGE. In there, Orly was initiated to teach the sacred philosophy of the Seneca, and became a member of the Wolf family, which are the spirituals guides and philosophers of the tribe.

Over more then 18 years, Orly gained experience in healing and advanced soul retrieval techniques for trauma recovering. Healing people from Europe, the U.S. and from Israel. Developed the Mind Healing © technique (With Yossi Yahalom), which is one most powerful healing ways in the Shamanic experience. Lectured in schools of alternative medicine.


Yossi Yahalom

At the year 2004, after learning Reiki, Healing and Shamanism, Yossi received the Mind Healing © technique in a chenneling session.  In this life changing event, special healing symbols appeared one by one with the knowledge how to use them.

From this information the Mind Healing © technique was built (with Orli Niran Yahalom) to allow easier access to the subconscious and solving day to day problems by releasing the limiting thought patterns. The technique is based ancient knowledge, and today we teach and use it with our patients.

As an experienced Shaman and Healer, Yossi reads the patient energetically, this allaws him to identify emotional and physical blockages. With special healing methods and Mind Healing © technique this blockages can be released and to open up to significant changes in life.

As a teacher, Yossi allows the students to develop their potential through a personal development process that each one of them experience. Developing the capabilities enables achieving personal fulfillment in the Shamanic way unique to each and every one of us.