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Initiation, Dragons & Nymphs

Ireland, a journey into nature and to our inner self. Before we planed our trip to Ireland, the Fairies whispered to me about getting the gift of the emerald from my husband. Only when the idea of going to Ireland came up, I read that the place also named Emerald Isle. The decision to go became only three weeks before the flight. Our goal was meeting and connecting with nature spirits at the Emerald Isle, when messages received, prepared me for encounters with Dragons. It was told to me clearly, that they are already waiting for us.

Our first meeting with the Dragons in Ireland held on our second day of the journey, when we left Dublin with the rented car and reached the enchanted forest surrounding lake Glendalough at the Wicklow Mountains National Park. A bright day and like from a Fairy-tale forest. Filled with green moss, mushrooms, ferns and old trees, indicating the amount of rains this area is blessed with.

Wicklow Mountains surrounds above a beautiful valley with two lakes, the lower lake and the upper lake.


GlendaloughArriving to the upper lake, we meditated and made the first connection with the Dragons. Dragons are attracted to places that combine high mountains and lakes of sweet water. At Glendalough there was an energetic problem related to the Dragons and we did some earth healing to bring back to the forest more nature spirits, flowers and animals. Meeting Dragons is always powerful companied with fire and storm. The Dragons are not gentle faeries, they bring the energy of the blue flame of the fire element. A powerful energy of magic carrying the warrior spirit that changes the reality we experience without any hesitation. Dragons can be tough and cruel by human values, there for stories of fear and horror are connected with them, though they can also be very supportive and healing for human beings. The Dragons carry the medicine of the snake, that brings healing and the medicine of the lizard that makes dreams come true. Not everyone can control Dragons and receive their healing. They have the ability to hide in dimentions that most people can not reach. In order to make a connection with Dragons, it takes years of practice in traveling between dimentions.

bambi  Glendalough lake

My husband Yossi made a special bond with the Dragons and later in the wonderful Killarney National Park, received more information about the special way they act and move between the dimensions

There are places on mother earth that have a unique energy. One of them is Killarney National Park, located beside the town of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland.

Although we have been in woods with special energy, Killarney is just different. If the woods in Glendalough are filled with Fairy-tales magic and I could easily watch in them with my imagination figures from Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales, Killarney holds a different kind of magic. A magic of deep healing. Amazing energy of healing, protectedness and love that covers all senses, without words. Trees that each one of them has an amazing and ancient story that tells the beauty of this planet and the ancient nature worlds that are forgotten from the heart. This is the exact place I would have hoped for healing initiation, and it happened.

In Killarney National Park a Robin accompanied us almost from the beginning of the trail. When we have reached suddenly to a cave on the way, I was invited by the fairies of the wood for an initiation of connecting to mother earth and to the healing magic of the Oak tree. The initiation process was meant strengthen my inner sturdiness and to allow me to go through a significant change in my life.

Killarney  Killarney 2

Every initiation is an experience, gate that opens infront of us and we don’t realy know or understand the full meaning of power and to where it lead us in the matrix of our life. When we are brave enough to trust the whisperring of the wind, even if we don’t understand it logically, the path opens from itself to healing and magical things happen. This is exactly what happened to Yossi and me with this jurney to Ireland. Since we had to get to certain places in order for things to happen, the way the Great Spirit whispered into our heart.

Killarney 3  Killarney 4

At Killarney National Park you can contact Dragons. While Yossi contacted them, I made a connection with the tender Nymphs at the rivers in the park and got from them personal tips about keeping in good phisical health. Faeries and Nymphs are exactly the spirits that can give a specific information on herbes and plants for nurturing and balancing the budy in every day life.

Killarney 5